Healing Through Hope

Healing Through Hope
Cy-Hope Counseling is a unique group practice located in the heart of Cypress, Texas. We pride ourselves in handpicking the most talented counselors and therapists that exude compassion, warmth, expertise, and acceptance. We understand that the process of counseling can be scary at times, so we put every effort into making the process as easy and comfortable as possible. Whether it is our cozy log cabin, multiple waiting rooms playing classical music, coffee bar, swings located by the lake, or walking trails, our goal is for our clients to feel better just entering our unique property.
Cy-Hope Counseling works with young children, adolescents, teens, adults, couples, and families.  We understand the unique stresses of each stage in life. Young children, like all ages, often experience difficulty regulating their emotions, sadness, anxiety, and/or difficulty with life changes. We offer 3 state of the art play therapy rooms and have Registered Play Therapists, the highest training and credentials for play therapy, on staff. Teens often have difficulty navigating the stressors of home, school, and social pressures. We pride ourselves in having therapists who can build a trusting relationship with their teen clients to help ease the burden of life stressors. Adults often have difficulty juggling the demands of life. Whether it be a troubling relationship, work-life balance, anxiety, depression, or anger, we believe that counseling can help ease any burdens in life. We also offer couples, relationship, and family counseling. Our counselors include Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Professional Counselors with the highest credentials in their counseling theory (Level 3 Trained in Gottman). We pride ourselves in helping change communication patterns, parent child interactions, and strengthening relationships. No matter why you choose to enter counseling, our down to earth therapists will make you feel comfortable and heard. Each Cy-Hope Counselor believes it is an honor to journey with their clients in order to help provide change and growth.

Cy-Hope Counseling

Cy-Hope Counseling offers counseling services to all children, teens, adults, couples, and families.

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Therapeutic Events

At Cy-Hope Counseling, we practice more than just therapy but also host fun and practical events that benefit children, parents and couples.

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Building your Relationship

Building your Relationship

Sharing your life with another can at times be stressful. At Cy-Hope Counseling, we provide direction and understanding to help you grow as a couple.

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