What It’s Like on the Other Side of the Couch

Some days are encouraging.


A client brings news of a new promotion or a new relationship and we appreciate the progress.

Even better are the days they recognize new sense of hope and purpose into their life.


Some days are challenging.


I try to calm an escalating conflict between a mother and her daughter to no avail.

I help a family member deliver bad news to the other and brace for the aftermath.


Some days are rewarding while simultaneously filed with sadness.


I share in the joys of a new family member entering the picture.

I walk someone through their grief as a family member has left their life.


Some days are simply trying.


I sit with a suicide note in my hand and read it silently to myself.

I choke back my own tears. They fall anyway.


Every day is a privilege.


The other side of the couch can be a challenging place to sit.

Walking with someone through their toughest moments is a privilege I consider myself lucky to share.


Written by: Kristina Zufall, M.Ed., LPC-Intern