We want to share the skills we have with you. When we consult with you we bring our specialities, our experience, and our passion to work with groups of children, families, and teachers. We can work with small groups and large, as well as speaking for an hour or a full day. We can talk with your group about the emotional development of children, conflict resolution, substance abuse and addiction, anger management and many other topics.

Speaking Engagements

One of the great things about our counseling clinic, is that we are able to include professionals with a variety of specializations. Therefore, we are able to speak to many different groups about topics. Whether it’s a presentation on parenting skills, discipline, working with special needs children, teenage issues, or family stress, we can help you gain new tools to tackle raising children. Our speakers are knowledgeable and fun to listen to, so you won’t be disappointed in what we have to offer.

Educational Programs

Learning specific skills in a classroom environment can be a valuable asset to caring for and raising up children. We conduct more in depth educational programs for parents, families, and teenagers that give you more than just an overview of a particular topic. These programs help attendees put skills into practice, rather than just listen to a presentation. Topics are current and apply to struggles young children, teenagers, and families are having today. Our staff can educate, facilitate group activities, and give support to you and your family in a time of stress and conflict. These programs are perfect for teenagers, parents, and families. Please contact us to discuss your need.

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At Cy-Hope Counseling, our attentive staff is available to answer all of your questions. To schedule a consultation appointment or to obtain additional information you have several options to contact us:  reach us by phone at 713.466.1360, send an email to The Center, or simply submit the form below.