Evaluation Services

About Our Services:

Cy-Hope Counseling Center is able to evaluate clients for many conditions and disorders. Our evaluations are provided by Abigail Eck, Licensed Psychological Associate. For those seeking psychological or cognitive testing, Abigail will provide your initial consultation, conduct your testing, and hold a follow-up meeting to discuss the findings. She is a very caring and warm clinician who takes the utmost regard for her clients and their future. Her aim is to consider the client as a whole person, not just their symptoms, and provide recommendations to best support the client.

Types of Evaluations:

  • Comprehensive ADHD Evaluation

  • Targeted ADHD Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation

  • Autism Comprehensive Evaluation

An evaluation provides a better understanding of a person's strengths and weaknesses in cognitive, academic, social, language, and emotional functioning. Recommendations will be provided to help increase the child's functioning, as well as suggest accommodations and interventions.

Comprehensive ADHD Evaluation (ages 4+)  

  • Assessment of attention and concentration, executive functioning, memory and learning, language, visual-perceptual skills, and social-emotional functioning as well as a test of IQ/intellectual functioning to help determine strengths and growth areas and screeners of academic achievement.  
  • Includes an assessment of co-existing mental health conditions along with conditions that mimic ADHD (e.g., anxiety disorders, mood disorders).

Targeted ADHD Diagnostic Evaluation (ages 4+) 

This is a brief, targeted assessment of attention, cognitive, and executive functioning skills. Appropriate for those with a specific diagnostic question related to the presence of ADHD and neither emotional/behavioral testing nor academic achievement testing is needed.  

Comprehensive Psychological & Personality Evaluation 

·     Helps provide diagnostic clarification to determine the presence of a psychological condition (e.g., depression, anxiety, bipolar, psychotic disorder).
·     Provide insight into psychological conditions or other factors that are affecting the client.
·     Understand cognitive functioning, feelings, underlying emotional issues, emotional regulation, frustration tolerance, etc.
·     Helps reveal which areas the client is doing well and which areas are in need of growth. Useful for determining treatment options and helping physicians made medication decisions.

Autism Evaluation (Age 6+) **COMING SOON**

·     This involves a comprehensive approach using standardized assessments for those suspected of having ASD based on screening results.
·     A thorough approach is taken incorporating information from a variety of sources such as:  parent interview in order to obtain a detailed review of client’s background (e.g., health history, progression of developmental milestones, family history); parent/guardian/ teacher rating scales specific to ASD; direct – one-on-one assessment with the client; etc.
·     Involves assessment of:  Intellectual/Cognitive skills, Developmental progress to determine if the client is learning basic skills when they should or if they might have delays; Social Communication and Social InteractionAdaptive functioning (e.g., age appropriate self-care skills), Receptive and Expressive languageBehavior patterns.
  • Provides insight into psychological or other factors that are affecting the client.  Includes an assessment of co-existing mental health conditions along with conditions that mimic ADHD (e.g., anxiety disorders, mood disorders).
·     Useful for identifying early behavioral/educational interventions for children.
·     Helpful for adults in identifying appropriate supports and community resources.
·     Helping for determining eligibility for services under the disability category of autism under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA)


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