Group Counseling

The Cy-Hope Counseling Center offers a variety of group therapies for all children and adolescents with the goal of strengthening already established skills. We offer group therapies utilizing a variety of counseling methods that can strengthen many skill-sets, such as building and maintaining friendships, self-esteem, social skills, and stress management. Many groups will include cooperative play, games, interactive exercises, and evidence based counseling techniques.

Social Language Groups-Preschool, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary

Cy-Hope is starting Social Language Groups that will be co-led by our Speech Language Pathologist and one of our counselors. 

The focus of the group will be building social and emotional skills in a small group setting. This will allow your child to learn how to form friendships, communicate effectively and appropriately with peers, and to increase their self-esteem and confidence. 

Social Skills Support: Learning to get Comfortable in Your Own Skin- Junior High and High School

This peer and social group is designed to build self-confidence and improve social skills. It is designed to be fun and interactive, using video games and other activities adolescents enjoy. The group is designed for high functioning individuals on the autism spectrum, teenagers who experience social anxiety, adolescents with AD/HD or anyone looking to build their social interactions in a fun and exciting way. Call, 713.466.1360, to join our groups. New members are accepted into the group each month!

Making Sense of Emotions from the Inside Out

Making Sense of Emotions from the Inside Out is a fun and interactive therapeutic group, will help children identify their emotions and learn strategies to better manage their reactions. Based on emotional regulation themes seen in the movie Inside Out, a variety of interactive activities will be used to help children explore the best way to handle emotions in different situations and settings. Activities in this group will encourage children to work through social and emotional situations in a structured and creative environment. The small-group environment will allow for individualized problem solving, as well as having a peer group available to facilitate social situations.

Connections: A Therapeutic Support Group for Young Adults

Led by Courtney Suddath, M.A., LSSP, LPC, this supportive therapeutic group will focus on creating a safe and understanding environment in which to address the unique experiences of young adults who experience difficulties with social communication, such as Autism and Asperger's characteristics. The goal of this group will be for members to share successes and difficulties with one another in a confidential and supportive environment, while gaining insight from others with similar experiences. Group members will be encouraged to process and discuss social and emotional situations they face, while learning about strategies they can use to be more successful in their social environments. The small-group environment will allow the benefit of individualized problem solving opportunities as well as having a peer group and licensed counselor available as support. 

Back to School: Therapeutic Social Group for Students

Led by Courtney Suddath, M.A., LSSP, LPC, this fun and interactive therapeutic group, will help children prepare for the transition of starting school this fall. This group will focus on activities and discussion about a new school year that comes with new schedules, new teachers, and new friends. This group is ideal for both students attending the same school again this year, and students who are making a change to a new school. 




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