Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy services are provided by: Wendy Wisemen, CCC, SLP. Wendy is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist with years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of speech & langauge disorders. Wendy works with both adults and children. To make an appointment, please give our office a call: (713) 466-1360

Our highly trained speech therapists offers a variety of speech and oral motor and feeding services. We are able to offer speech services through individual, dyads/groups, consulting, parent coaching, collaboration with the child's counselor, and speech and language evaluations. 

Speech Services Include

  • Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation (articulation, fluency, receptive & expressive language, and pragmatic language)
  • Speech (articulation, phonological processes, apraxia)
  • Language (receptive and expressive, social communication, and nonverbal communication)
  • Language Processing
  • Cognitive aspects of communication (attention, memory, problem solving, executive functioning)
  • Fluency/stuttering
  • Voice

Summer Speech Therapy Groups: 

-Preschool Speech Therapy Group Ages 3-5 
9:00 Wednesdays beginning May 16  $50/session
-Pre-teens Speech Therapy Group Ages 10-13 
3:30 Mondays beginning May 21  $50/session
-Teens Speech Therapy Group Ages 14-17 
3:30 Fridays beginning May 25  $50/session

Benefits of group speech therapy:

-Language advancement and encouragement of positive social interaction 
-Focus on pragmatics and social communication skills necessary to successful language development
-Support from peers and building of confidence through newfound friendships
-Peer communication within a realistic social settings
-Practice in a setting that mimics a real world environment (a classroom, play date with friends)

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