Flo Bhatia

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Flo Bhatia

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Flo Bhatia, Practicum Counselor

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Supervised by: Kristin Henshaw, M.S., LMFT-S

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Flo received her Bachelor of Arts degree and a Graduate Diploma in Mediation from Australia. She is currently obtaining her practicum hours for a M. Ed in Counseling from UHV @Katy.

Flo believes you can go from struggling to thriving. She strives to provide a safe environment for self-discovery, the development of resilience and to empower you to meet any challenges you may have along the way.  Her goal is to have authentic conversations about problems and to help you create practical solutions. She believes insights, new ideas and solutions emerge from such an approach.

Flo uses an integrated approach depending on each client’s unique needs. She is excited to work with a diverse group of individuals and families.


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